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SA Close Corporations is now known as PTY Company Registration - you can visit our new website at Company Registration South Africa

SA Close Corporations Questions and Answers

Before Registration

How long does it take to register a CC?

Registration periods through SA Close Corporations: Name reservations: 1 month. Please note that in the unlikely event that your name application gets rejected by the Registrar, the registration process will be delayed by another 1 month. Total period for CC registration is normally around 5 - 6 weeks. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that it is not possible for another Company or anyone else to complete your CC registration faster, as EVERYONE needs to go through exactly the same procedure to register a new CC with the Department of Trade and Industry - do not believe any other promises as it is not true !

Is my desired CC name still available?

You may see if your name is still available by visiting  At the bottom left you will see a box called name search - type your desired CC name in here and press "go". Look through the results and see if your CC name is still available.
Keep in mind that CIPRO looks at other factors too and not just if a name exactly like yours already exists. The only way to really find out if your name will be accepted is to apply for it. When opening your CC through SA Close Corporations, you may keep on re-applying until you get a successful name reservation at no extra cost.

How do I register a CC through SA Close Corporations ?

Click on Register a CC and complete the 2 easy online steps. You will shortly receive an sms and email from us explaining the next steps.

I see that I need a physical adress for a CC. I intend doing my business from my home. Would that work for a physical business address ?

Yes, you may use you home address as your CC's physical address if you run your business from home. You may amend the address as well in future.

What are the requirements to open my CC through SA Close Corporations ?

1. Have access to the internet with an email address that you can check regularly
2. Have access to a printer
3. The Law requires ALL CCs in South Africa to appoint an Accounting Officer. Your CC will need an Accounting Officer Appointment letter (that Accountants usually charge alot for) and we can help !

• If you are based anywhere in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Gauteng we can appoint our Pretoria Accountant free of charge (or you can choose to appoint your own Accountant too)
• If you are based anywhere else in South Africa we can send you a list of websites with Accountant details in your area for you to appoint your own (if you do not know one already), OR you may choose that we just appoint our Gauteng Accountant for now to speed up the process (which you may amend at a later stage to one in your town or city if required)

4. Speed post a signed document (that gets prepared by us) registered mail to us

5. Pay a fee of R790 for CC registration - this includes all Revenue Stamps and fee. You can also pay this amount securely with your Credit Card.

I want you to appoint your Accounting Officer. Do you collect the appointment letter on my behalf and do you charge extra for appointing an Accounting Officer ?

We collect the letter on your behalf. No extra fees are payable for this service.

I want you to appoint my own Accounting Officer. Is it possible ?

Yes, you may appoint your own Accounting Officer.

Can my CC trade in more than one business activity (i.e. do many different services) ?

Yes, when completing the registration form just write "Trading in all aspects" under your business description. We will register your CC as a general CC trading in all aspects.

What are the main benefits of a CC ?

The 3 main benefits to register a CC are as follows:

1. You protect your personal life and assets from your business
2. You look more professional when you operate under a registered business name
3. Many Suppliers and Government Departments require you to be registered as a CC in order to tender for contracts

Can a foreigner open a South African CC ?

Yes, during the application we will ask you to provide us with the following documentation:

a. A photocopy of your Passport data page
b. A signed letter explaining your status / situation, whatever this may be (i.e. you are married  to a South African citizen, you live in another country and will be a member of the CC, or you have permanent resident status etc)

c. Copies of documents proofing your status / situation, if applicable (i.e. marriage certificate / refugee documents/permanent resident document etc)

Can a minor be a Member of a CC ?


Can I see some of your Customer's Feedback on your services ?

Yes, you may view our Customer's Feedback  here

Where can I find more info regarding your services ?

You may download our brochure here

I am already a Member of another CC. Can I be a Member on more than one CCs ?


SA Close Corporations is now known as PTY Company Registration - you can visit our new website at Company Registration South Africa