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Top 10 Advantages of Working from Home

Many people around the world love the idea of working from home, yet few take the dive for fear of failing. There are indeed many disadvantages of working from home, but there are also as many advantages that working from home offers. Before you decide to work from home either full-time or part-time you need to be aware of the advantages associated with working from home.

Wake up later. Not a morning person? No problem. When you work from home you get to decide when you want to wake up, when you want to start your day. Waking up later, or earlier, is an excellent advantage of working from home.

Be your own boss. Working from home gives you the full benefit of becoming your own boss. You are in complete charge of your business. How much work you produce in any given day is solely your decision.

Control your finances. Many people who work outside of home have fixed wages that aren’t too flexible. A top advantage of working from home is having a flexible income. When you work from home you are in charge of handling your finances. How much money you make in a given day, week, month or year is in your hands.

Take free reign of your schedule. Having the ability to take time off from work for whatever reason (emergency, sick-leave, etc.) is another excellent reason why working from home is awesome. Need to take the kids to the doctor? Go ahead. When you work from home you gain the advantage of controlling your own unique schedule.

Maintain job security. One of the worst disadvantages of having an out of home career is the fear of losing your job for any reason, at any time. Not being able to secure your job is a reason why people decide to work from home. When you work from home you have complete control over job security. You can’t fire yourself!

Work less hours. Working less hours and instead pursuing other interests or hobbies is another top advantage of working from home. Maintaining a full time job away from home requires a lot of time and energy. Working from home gives every individual the ability to work less and enjoy life more.

Become location independent. Not many careers offer employees the ability to work from anywhere in the world. For many people, home is a myriad of different locations. Being able to choose where you work is an advantage of working from home.

Work in your pajamas. One of the greatest luxuries or advantages of working from home is being able to wear whatever attire you please. You can opt in on working in your pajamas, sweatpants or full business attire. When working from home you have full reign on whatever clothing preferences you choose.

Bragging rights. There are many, many people who work at dead-end jobs that never have anything good to say about their career of choice. If you work from home you get to brag about your job. Bragging about the many advantages that working from home offers is a way to share your work from home story, inspire others and especially inspire yourself.

Save time and money. Saving money is a key advantage of working from home. If you decide to opt in on working from home you can expect to save money with clothing, vehicle maintenance/gas and food expenses. Not only will you save money when working from home you can also expect to save time, a valuable asset many lose with a traditional, fast-paced out of home career.

While there are many disadvantages associated with working from home there are also as many advantages. Working from home is perfect for the free spirited, independent minded person. Taking that first step towards making your work from home dream a reality is a risk worth taking to witness first-hand the wonderful advantages that working from home offers

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