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Improving Your Attitude as an Entrepreneur 

By Angela Baca

Entrepreneurs facing the distressed economy must find new sources of motivation in order to build their business. If you are the proprietor of a business, you need to challenge yourself to rise above the negative effects of recession. Here are some tips for how you can improve your attitude as an entrepreneur.

1. A pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit is needed more than ever in a sluggish market. Think about how you will reinvent yourself and your company in this challenging business environment. It might be time to attend a professional development seminar or enroll in an online course for business owners.

2. Your attitude says everything about your business. Be careful what kinds of messages you deliver to customers and employees. For example, consider if you are getting enough rest and leisure time to approach each workday as a new opportunity. If you can bring genuine enthusiasm to your job, the recession won’t taint your business relationships.

3. Improve your company from its very foundations. The right leadership for the company begins with your attitude. Next, look at your organization and make improvements, such as improving policies, procedures, and training. You can model the right practices to your staff. Be sure to provide extra assistance to employees who are affected by economic problems.

4. Use the right approach to involving your employees in cost reduction. You don’t want to be so reactionary that your financial distress impacts your staff negatively. Find ways to tighten spending and aggressively pursue sales. Be sure to provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and help your bottom line.

5. Use your enthusiasm to reassure employees worried about losing their job in the poor business environment. If you can get your employees to work more efficiently, the increased output will hopefully improve your financial situation. If your employees know you are committed to preserving their jobs, they will be more likely to work hard for your company.

As an entrepreneur, you might find it nearly impossible to make sound business decisions in the very different environment of a recession. With customers and employees constantly looking to you for energy and knowledge, you can end up feeling overwhelmed. What about you? When do you get time to rejuvenate? How do you leave your financial worries at home?

Entrepreneur seminars, trade shows, and chamber of commerce meetings are great opportunities to get new ideas and stay motivated to grow your business. As you interact with other small business owners, focus on keeping your business strong. Find the inspiration to preserve a strong attitude despite the challenges of a slow market.

You can also use a personal journal to work through the challenges of owning a business. You can include your ideas for future growth and expansion. You can also keep track of priorities for your staff.

In the end, you have to work on your attitude every day. You have to maintain a focus on meeting customer needs. Your attitude should lead your business to the top of the heap if you focus on professionalism and business enthusiasm

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